Sunrise at Run for the Ridge 2015

Here at Jakopak Horsemanship we use a mixture of real natural horsemanship, modern horsemanship, and classical Dressage principles to help horses and their owners learn how to develop a true relationship with one another based on a mutual understanding and appreciation for each other.  We have training methods based in constructivist teaching methods, rather than rote behaviorist methods, that create thinking equine partners with the true ability to communicate their needs to their humans.  Our process is most successful when our clients come and learn from their equine partners while they are in our training program!  If you have ever wanted to understand your horse, try out distance riding or build that incredible partnership you have always wanted but couldn’t quite master, come visit us and see what we are all about!  Also you can take a quick look at our Services and Pricing page to have an idea of what to expect.