Phantomz Mirazh “Tommy” – SOLD – Congrats Lisa from MI

Tommy is a character.  He enjoys attention and he LOVES to run.  He is a wonderful w/t/c gelding with lots of trail experience.  He is easy going in the herd, tied to the trailer, and in the arena.  He is a fun bridleless horse inside an arena.  When you step out of the arena, be ready to ride, as he is ready to cover ground.  He is a registered as a HA and also has NSH papers as well as an AERC number.  He could be registered pinto as well.  He has completed 165 AERC LD/endurance miles.  He completed one 50 and one 30 in 2016.  He is fit up currently to run 50s and is ready to continue an endurance career or go into finish work for the show ring.  He has lots of action and heart and is a wonderful companion.  Buy him now or beat him later!  SOLD!

New 2016 video.

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