Shoeing Trailer

Shoeing Trailer

Mark’s  Basic Philosophy of Horseshoeing

At Jakopak Horseshoeing we believe in shoeing horses for their highest performance while maintaining the health and integrity of the hoof and the longevity of the horse’s health.  While there are many different gimmicks and products that are being sold as the best and newest fix-alls out there, we believe that the horse’s bone and muscular structure will dictate what the horse needs to support balance in movement and longevity of the animal’s health.  There are no magic solutions, no fad methods that are good for all horses performing at all levels.  Horses are bred to be athletes, and just like human athletes, a horse’s conformation dictates the sport in which they can most successfully participate as well as the type of shoeing that will best assist that horse and rider combination to achieve their highest potential.  Our job is to determine the balance between maximum performance and maximum longevity.

What we do:
Much of horseshoeing is determining the best hoof care for the use of the horse.  We do everything from basic trimming for the backyard pet to show packages for high performance horses in training six days a week and performing at the national level of competition in any discipline.  Our mobile shop allows us to arrive at your place prepared to build any kind of shoe for any kind of use: trail riding, ranch work, barrel racing, rodeo, saddle seat equitation, dressage, hunt, jumping, endurance, draft horses, lameness, and anything else that may come across our path.  See our Services and Prices page

Mark is no longer taking new clients and has sadly had to let most of his customers go.  He has enjoyed his shoeing career but can no longer continue in a full time capacity while he is following his calling to teach elementary education.  He will take clients at the farm, so if in need, contact Summer.

There is no such thing as “Corrective Shoeing,” only “Correct Shoeing.”

Mark Paring

Written by Mark and Summer Jakopak in 2011, reposted in new format Correct Shoeing Mark is often known to say: “There is no such thing as Corrective Shoeing – only Correct Shoeing.”  Corrective shoeing is defined by Saunders Comprehensive Veterinary Dictionary as  – “shoes custom made to correct some defect … Continue reading