The Jakopak Family 2014

The Jakopak Family 2014

Jakopak Horsemanship strives to provide kind, effective, and dynamic horse training and horsemanship education following many constructivist education principles and with attention to the three principles of Capable, Connected, and Contributing as it applies to equestrian endeavors.  We are a modest training facility focused on creating sane and sound trail horses that can run the distance.  If you have any questions please contact us:

Summer Jakopak
28249 442nd Ave.
Freeman, SD 57029


Mark Jakopak
28249 442nd Ave.
Freeman, SD 57029

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  1. Rebecca Lafferty says:

    Last year at the horse fair in Sioux Falls, I purchased a pile of used horseshoes from you. I am needing to find some more horseshoes and was wondering if you had any I could purchase? I would like to find some used horseshoes and rust doesn’t bother me. Would you be able to help me find some?
    Thank you

  2. Victoria says:

    Good Afternoon,
    I am looking for used horseshoes, and was wondering if you had any.

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