We commit ourselves to quality and balance in our farrier services, our horses for sale, and our personal equine endeavors.  Mark Jakopak’s extensive experience in the equine world gives him a well rounded, knowledgeable approach to horseshoeing and training.  Mark has been shoeing professionally for over 20 years, having extensive experience in high performance show shoeing in all disciplines as well as in shoeing to rehabilitate or alleviate lameness due to injury or illness.  He shoes to achieve soundness and maximum performance in whatever discipline in which the horse participates.

Mark believes “There is no such thing as corrective shoeing, only correct shoeing.”  With the objective of achieving maximum performance from the equine athlete, he will never compromise soundness and longevity of the horse.  Taking into consideration the discipline, confirmation, current physical Hind footcondition, rider ability and style, and over all athleticism of the horse, Mark will shoe the horse to create a sound foot while encouraging the best movement that the horse and rider are capable of achieving together at the time.

Jakopak Horseshoeing, Training, and Sales